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Just got my 2020 Aurora Ltd delivered. Wondering what folks use to lock it. Seems would need a huge U-Lock to get all the way around the rear tire and frame.

Looking for: U-Lock + Chain + Seat Lock

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Did you get the 4' Evelo chain lock that came with the purchase of the Aurora? I got that and the Evelo-branded panniers for free with my Aurora.


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I did not get the chain through Evelo. Does it work well?
Hi. It works well enough for me...but I'm not in a high-crime/theft area. I don't know if I would have bought it separately if I hadn't gotten it for free with the bike...check out the Lock Picking Lawyer on youtube , especially his video #868. I would probably have bought this if I hadn't gotten the Evelo lock.


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I think this is very good bang for the buck and gives you almost 3' of locking length. Lock Picking Lawyer seemed to like it. I picked up 2 for less than the cost of 1 Kryptonite Keeper. Both have 3mm plates. Wirecutter gave the Keeper a top pick and don't really see anything that justifies paying twice as much for the Keeper:



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We have two new Evelo Aurora Limited Edition ebikes arriving in September/October 2020. We have heard two locks are a better bet against ebike theft since time is of the essence for a thief, and defeating two locks will increase the time, effort and visibility/vulnerability in a theft attempt. My wife and I will primarily ride together, so we plan on chaining together the two bikes to a fixed object with a 68" ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060 lock (ABUS Protection Rating 15), and lock one or both ebikes to a fixed object with an ABUS Granit Extreme 59/180 U-Lock (ABUS Protection Rating 20). The two ABUS locks will be keyed alike. We're also going to discreetly mount under each rack an inexpensive motion alarm, the remote controlled SuperInk 2 Set Wireless Motorcycle Bicycle Bike Anti-Theft Burglar Vibration Security Alarm, to alert us and others of ebike movement. On top of all that we're going to explore ebike theft/damage insurance.

ABUS Granit CityChain X-Plus 1060.pngABUS Granit Extreme 59 180 HB 310 U-Lock.pngSuperInk 2 Set Wireless Motorcycle Bicycle Bike Anti-Theft Burglar Vibration Security Alarm.png
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