Lock mechanism fell out!


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Hi everyone, I’ve had a Kalkhoff integrale S10 for two years and which has just had a second motor fitted, like many of you have too. My problem is now that I was out riding yesterday and when I went to take the battery out, the whole lock mechanism is missing!
Can’t seem to find a contact email address for Kalkhoff on their website, so I can’t ask them for a replacement and the shop I bought my bike from has closed down. It looks like a very simple mechanism, but what a design flaw eh?
I can’t take my whole bike into our flat as it’s too heavy and there’s a 180 degree turn at the front door, which makes recharging it very dodgy and there’s a busy road outside and it someone steals my charger, that’s £130 to replace.
Any tips please on how to get round this?