lock st2


No, but I do wish they had that function. The only option currently is to put it in theft mode, which is only useful after a bike has been stolen. Maybe it's something they can add in future software upgrades.

Tara D.

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This is the response from Stromer--

"First, the bike needs to be powered for the connectivity functions to work. If not, any command sent will be back logged. When the bike is powered on, it will receive the backlogged commands provided there is good GSM reception.

That brings me to your range question. Range is infinite provided GSM (cellular) reception is available. The app works through GSM, not Bluetooth or something similar (like your tv remote) where range is critical. This means you can access your bike via your phone anywhere in the world, as long as both the phone and bike have GSM reception.

“Locking" the bike is done on the bike itself. This will prohibit any key pad access, and if the bike is moved, it will then enter “Theft” mode. Should this happen, the lights will flash, the rear wheel will “lock up” preventing someone from riding it, you will receive notification your bike has been stolen, and it will communicate it’s GPS location every 10 minutes. “Theft” mode can be activated manually through the cell phone app as well, and again, this can be done from anywhere in the world provided GSM reception is adequate.

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David Kraft

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My bike ST2 has been in theft mode for 2 hours now and both the bike and my phone have great reception. I've used the disable theft mode about 5 times and it's still stuck in theft mode.

Rick Huizinga

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I had this happen to me. You need to pull the battery out.

There is a bug in the Omni firmware: after the bike goes into sleep mode, the Omni system will only communicate with the server one more time after coming out of sleep mode. After it connects once, it will not connect again until the bike is manually turned off, then turned back on.

This makes locking/theft mode useless for now. If you lock the bike, it will go into sleep mode. If the bike is stolen, it will wake up from sleep mode and it will not connect with the server again. So if your bike is stolen, you will not get notified, you will not know the location of your bike, and you will not be able to disable theft mode.