Lock8, Skylock or Bitlock?


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There is a little truth in that statement because it's incomplete. The lesser Abus Bordo locks are lighter and less secure, that's why I've consistently noted: Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500. There are 8 Bordo models, the 6500 has the highest rating in both the US and Europe, Abus gives it it's highest rating 15 of 15 and counts it among its highest security locks. I own several Kriptonite locks and a couple lesser brands and the Abus 6500 is the best lock I own. My ebike is on the street (under cover) all day every day, out of my sight and so far I trust it*.
Couldn't agree more.


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Thanks @PowerMe fpr bringing a bit of reality back, that is why I figure either this or a double deadlock abus lock should be used in conjunction with a cable lock and dual disc locks with alarms - time taken and noise is what I think would be a good deterrent from what I have read - when I was younger we used to lock my moumtain bike in a garage and pull the car up to the garage door - the one night that he car was 75cms short the garage door was breached and the bike dragged out, come to think of it I had a bike stolen from Reading too when I was a student, with the value of bikes these days security needs to be taken very seriously if you leave your bike unattended


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I can't review a review done 5 years ago. I have seen that review before and know it is not a review of the current 6500. That review does not note model 6500, the picture is not of the current 6500 and there isn't a plastic plate on the underside of the lock. No plastic anywhere on the lock at all.

I respect your views @PowerMe and your thoroughness as I've noted in other posts, that's why your post surprised me. You truly cannot review something you have haven't experience with or owned. I'm not trying to sell anyone on this lock, just offering my personal experience with a great product. So on this item we will just have to agree to disagree.


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I'm not saying the Abus isn't a good lock. But I don't think I could trust this (and only this) lock were I in a city, and not use another method in conjunction. A manufacturer rates their own lock against their other locks, but that doesn't tell me what thieves can do and that's the data I'm interested in.


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I don't think there is a lock that is safe enough for thieves to crack. It has been demonstrated time and time again that thieves can break any lock out there. Personally, I don't leave a bike unattended for more than a few minutes unless the location gives me (false) sense security and piece of mind.


I understand that any lock can be defeated - and that is discouraging since I want to use my bike as a car replacement. When I get out of my car, I just hit a button to lock it, and walk away. I don't want to spend 10 minutes putting 3 locks on my bike, and another 10 getting them off - for a 15 minute grocery stop.

I use an Abus as my only lock. I have a PitLock on the headset, but PitLocks do not fit on the drop outs for the wheels. I was thinking of adding a frame lock, but have no idea whether one can be retro-fitted. I am also thinking about the TiGr - anyone using that?

I also ordered a winter (non-electric) bike for next year. Everything will have PitLocks, and a frame lock with a cable that can be threaded into the mounted frame lock. If it seems secure, I will only have to carry that single cable.


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I purchased from Europe & just received today a Xena Bullett lock (padlock but ulock style) Holy cow, this lock is huge; no one is getting through this beast without major effort, a lot of time, and lots of power tools. 18mm shank is overkill, so I'm thinking I will end up reselling it.

This lock is a wonder to behold, engineering at its best.

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