Locking/Securing the XP


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I'm a new member and Just ordered my XP, it will hopefully arrive in a few days. I realize the selection and choices are nearly endless, but what are your recommendations for a good lock system for the bike? I have a home with a garage (with five motorcycles), so this would be for more when you are out and about and needing to secure the bike for a few hours? Regards -


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Check out YouTube. Lots of lock videos. Seems like none are completely safe but some better than others. How you lock it is as important as what you lock it with.


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FWIW, I did a bunch of research and watched too many videos before I bought a Kyptonite New York Noose model 1213 chain and lock for my XP. It is a beast at over 10 lbs but it is quite secure and has enough flexibility in its design to securely lock the bike under many different circumstances. It is my hope that any potential thief will walk away from my bike and look for easier pickings. As johnboatcat pointed out, where you lock up and how you lock up may be just as important as the lock itself.