Locking skewers on Dash (or any ebike with back hub motor)?


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I got a 2015 Dash with all quick release skewers. Could you recommend any locking skewers? Pinhead skewers would work on Dash? I guess they may fit front hub and seat post but not back hub because of its bigger size due to motor inside.

I got a medium size one, but the frame is too big to lock front (or back) tire and frame together to a bike rack with 9in U-lock. At least I want to have locking skewers on hubs and seat post.

Cameron Newland

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Getting locking skewers would be nice, however, the better solution might just be using a U-lock to lock your wheel (and hence the hub motor) to the frame. Were you trying to get the U-lock wrapped around the wheel and the seat tube? Try using the wheel and seat stay instead.


I have a 2014 Dash. Just finished watching Court's review of the Specialized TurboX and one thing really struck me. He praised the bikes solid rear axle and Specialized's decision not to use a skewer noting that he preferred the solid axle as much more stable and appropriate on a speedy and powerful bike. So I am left wondering whether there is a solid axle option for the Dash and whether I ought to move in that direction. No doubt it would make a tire change a bit more difficult, but frankly it's already probably a tough tire change. Thoughts anyone?

Shea N Encinitas

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I've owned that bike (same year) & doubt that you are going to find an easy way to change the axle. You could however get rid of those cheap azz skewers, actually cut myself on them once. Here are some observations: