Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes


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This was a bit of a nightmare with production and delivery delays, but now that I've gotten past the indiegogo/kickstarter frustrations, I like it a lot. I don't live in an urban neighborhood, so I'm not leaving it locked in high theft areas for hours at a time. There are varying takes on how secure the folding steel bars really are, but I find that I use it more simply because it's easier to lock and unlock. It's on the heavy side, but probably lighter than the "serious" security solutions.
How much is it and how do you buy it?


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How does ziilock attach to the bike? Does it have holes to use bottle holder mount?
it has a fairly sturdy plastic holder. you have the option of attaching it through the water bottle mounts or it comes with rubber straps. My e-bike has only one set of water bottle mounts that I prefer to use for a water bottle. I carry it in my bag right now, but the rubber straps seem okay.