Looking at buying the Spark bike (the 19 inch frame one with the fenders etc)


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After much agonizing over the SparkX I decided to give much thought to the Spark model.

Things I don't like: tire size.
I wish it had 2.4 inch tires or maybe even bigger.(puncture resistant)
Adjustable stem.

I do like the price though.

Here it is: I plan to buy one and take the fenders off.Install better tires so I can go on some rougher terrain.
Do you guys see a problem with this idea?I understand that there is a wire going through the rear fender to the backlight.

Thank you


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I don't understand what you're trying to achieve. If you want wider offroad tires, then just get the Spark X which has fat tires AND an adjustable stem.

You won't be able to fit much wider tires on a regular spark because the forks won't be wide enough.


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I would like to have a larger tire but definitely not a FAT tire bike.
I'd be happy with a 2.4 or 2.6 .
I think I can clear the forks but not the fenders.
I'm also thinking of waiting for the Surface Shred.


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There's about a 7cm gap between the front forks so max tire width you'll be able to fit is 2.7". The problem is that actual tire widths are usually higher than listed specs. The Kenda Kranium tires on my Spark City are listed as 2.1" wide but I measured 6cm or 2.36" when inflated to 45 PSI.


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It's unfortunate that Spark and Volt have not figured this out.Must be other people like me out there that would like a tire that is good for the city but also
good for medium to rough terrain.
There are plenty of bikes like that if one can spend 3.5 k and up but many do not have a rack on the back.
Not sure what to do.I wish Spark or Volt would be more open to the idea and try to actually install a tire set to see if it even works.I'd buy then.
I have the feeling they are more of a shipping company than a bike manufacturer.I think Volt does have a facility to tune the bikes but not sure if much more.


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If you're talking about the Spark with 27.5 x 2.1 tires - they're as big as you'll find.
Specialized Bikes offers the Nimbus balloon tire they install on their Roll - it's 2.3, but that .2 inch won't really change the capability of the tire or the bike.

You can buy an adjustable stem for $20.

Make sure you ride one or one like it to make sure you like it. It's not a bike for 'rougher terrain' in the first place.


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For the spark mtb, space between the front shocks is 3 1/4" and the tightest in the lower rear frame width is 2 5/8" . I did think about changing tires to something wider but i found them good enough for a dry hard packed flow trail and going 40+kmh on a bumpy hard pack gravel road as well. So far durability wise nothing has come loose or fallen apart.


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I wish I could try one but there's none here in Calgary. (to try anyway).
I wonder how it compares to the Volt Bravo
as far as ride comfort. Thanks for all the responses.


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The orginal Spark has skinny tires...why not go for that ?

• Kenda Tires 27.5" x 2.10"