Looking for a new bike that may/may not exist

I'm looking for a bike that has most of the following...

>500wh downtube battery
mid-drive motor
nuvinci or shimano geared hub
belt drive
under $5k?

If you have any suggestions for most of those options, please let me know. Thanks!

Chris Nolte

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Check out the Riese & Muller Charger GT Nuvinci HS

It's quickly becoming one of the more popular sellers in the shop.


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Well I'll be damned! I can't believe a bike that fits that requirement is actually out there! That is a nice combination of drive features.

Chris Nolte

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I listed some of the specs below:

Bosch Performace Speed motor (also available as non-speed, this model name without the HS)
Nuvinci N380
Gates Belt Drive
Bosch 500 power pack (also available with a dual battery setup giving you 1000Wh)
Schwalbe Supermoto 27.5x2.4" tires (signified by the GT designation, this bike is also available with 700c wheels and 2" wide tires. I prefer the wider tires for stability and comfort)

It's quite an awesome bike!


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new one on me ... Nuvinci N380 ... guess its like a cvt for bikes.

like to test ride one of those one day see how it feels compared to my alfine 11

really like the bike design and components


Chris Nolte

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Yes, it's a CVT. It's really nice and gaining popularity here, especially when mated with a proper mid-drive.

Whenever you want you're welcome to come by and we can go for a ride :)


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I don't think the Kalkhoff meets his < 5k criteria. And that second option, after a motor swap, likely wouldn't meet it either. I'm pretty enthused about the R&M and am fortunate enough to have a dealer nearby. Room for the large, cushy tires is especially appealing.