Looking for advice on which e-bike to buy

Please can someone advise what sort of e-bike I should be looking at? There are so many out there!

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Thanks JR much appreciated
You're welcome, Janet. You might not have the variety of bikes available to the U.S. or Europe, but we can't ride our ebikes on beautiful Tas!!! Enjoy your search and your riding....


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Oops, on further read see you aren't in US. Doubt they can ship to you but worth a check IMO.

Alex M

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I "think" you should try step-through frame before everything else. This is what seniors prefer, with all those stiff joints. About 200W limit - can't say for sure. Most of AU allows 250W though in Victoria it recently was 200W as I recall.


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Hi, Janet. I'm an older (57) woman rider in New Zealand and bought a Specialised Turbo for my commute (14km each way)., That is probably overkill for what you're after -- I used to be a really keen rider so I wanted a faster bike. Like others here, I suggest going to your closest bike store that has at least a minimum range -- e.g. a basic step-through, plus a couple of other more advanced models, and just try them out. I think it's worth buying local if at all possible. They are great fun and you will enjoy your e-bike!