Looking for feedback on Specialized 1.2E motor (Brose CB)

I have an opportunity to buy a new Specialized Como 3.0 for a steal of $1900. I have ridden the como's and like them, but I am not familiar with the new, weaker motor. Unfortunately I will not be able to get a good test ride before buying.

Looking for some real-life feedback on this motor, and whether it is sufficiently powered to get up steep city hillsl
I had a 2019 Vado 2.0 with the more powerful motor, and I had some reservations when it needed to be replaced under warranty, and they offered the 2020 Vado 3.0, because I feared I would miss the extra torque. I can tell you that while, yes, there is a notable difference, I do not miss the power as on really steep hills I just gear down a little bit more than I would have. And I really enjoy the reduced drain on the battery with the 1.2E-- a notable difference. I can tell you I like the 3.0 much more, and I do not miss that more powerful motor (hardly) at all.