Looking for first real E-Bike . eAhora XC100+ / X5 / X7 / AM100 ???

Jared M

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Looking for some advice on my next eBike.

Find a more suitable bike between 1000-1500 USD on Amazon. Decent range, ability to bring groceries/backpack and potentially attach a trailer for my dog. Mostly paved trails or well groomed trails. No serious Mountain biking here. I'm not set on the eAhora line of bikes, but I really like the idea of the regeneration for a rider like me. If their is better ideas, please suggest. I do need to buy on Amazon however.

5'11" 220lb athletic build. Love the exercise of mountain biking, but love the pedal assist of E-bike helping with the hills around here. I'd also like to be able to get a pet trailer and bring my 70lb Dog with me on shorter rides. I ride at least 10-20 miles each day, but would love to extend that with a eBike with some range so I could start riding 30-50 (I have charging spots along the way). I also like the idea of regenerating energy where I can and pedaling hard. My friend ordered a XC100+ and is awaiting delivery, currently he rides my Swagtron and I ride the Diamondback on our daily 10-15 mile rides. I ride the Swagtron when I am hitting errands around town.

I am looking for a bike available on Amazon under 1500, ideally closer to 1000 USD. I get Amazon gift cards each month for my on call hours through work, which I will be using to fund the majority of my purchase in the next few days. I am far more interested in getting the best value than a certain $$ amount. 1500 is my max though. My other two bikes were deals off slickdeals and were bikes at extreme discount, here I am more willing to pay going rate but want a good value.

Current bikes:
Swagtron EB-5: Got it for $280 back on a deal and use it as my daily grocery gettin' bike for in town. I can get anywhere in town on this bike, but the 14" tires suck after a while and you're constantly watching every midwest pothole. This little thing with no gears and only 250W motors does have the assist I need to get up the hills around here, slowly.
Diamonback 27.5" Mtn Bike: Hard tail, front suspension mountain bike I got off woot bikes years back, invested $220 and this is what I ride daily for serious riding. Great 24 speed shimano, very capable bike, just gets tiresome on the hills and I can't ride as far as I'd like. I have a buyer for this if the E-Bike I get can easily replace it.

eAhora Bikes in Consideration:

: Seems like the best value of all of these to me. My main concern is the weight limit being 220 and my weight being that. I want to have a backpack, groceries, and potentially a dog in tow. Anyone have experience with this frame and its real weight capacity?

AM100+: Feel like it's overpriced but it gets me around the weight limit on the XC100. Not sure I care about the Full suspension, our trails aren't crazy in NW Illinois.

X5+: I feel this is kinda a great option, I really like the folding capability for travelling around us. I also love the 750W motor and weight limit. My main concern with this is the 20" inch tires. Those 14" tires on the Swagtron are pretty brutal, and My 27.5 Mountain bike is great. Am I going to be happy with the 20" tires as a daily rider? Also, what does that do for the rolling efficiency vs a 26 or 27.5 inch tire.

X7+: Not sure if the rear suspension helps me any here or if this one is worth considering. I'd prefer not to spend this much on a 20" bike. X5 seems like a better option if I go with the folding route.

Thoughts on the above?

Jared M

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Amazon had a 200 coupon on the Regular X5 in Gray making it $999. I went ahead and ordered. It should be here by the end of the month.

Quite excited to get some longer rides in. My friends XC100 should arrive around the same time.