Looking for keeping spare battery for the Sinch stories


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Hey All

Gungho owner of a Sinch that hasn't been delivered yet here....

I'm thinking of getting a spare battery as I plan on riding this on multi-day over night trail riding camping trips . I also think it'll be neato for even a daily jaunt for being able to maintain a higher over all MPH and covering more distance in the same amount of time.. I mean, why not? I'm looking at the sweet saddle bags I ordered that should hold a spare battery easily along with lots of other accoutrements once i have a bike to put them on.

Does anybody have some experience doing this already that can share some tips or insights?

The charger in the pictures looks pretty small and light. There are occasional camp grounds (or maybe a B&B if I'm weak and my heinie gets sore?) on my planned routes that would provide power if I needed to charge both batteries and phone overnight. It just seems like a good move, such a small compromise in weight to carry the extra battery and a charger. Or am I being impetuous?

Thanks in advance