Looking for my Ideal city bike (NYC)


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Main criteria

  1. Primarily to move around the city (NYC) - Don’t need off-road capability or ability to do hills
  2. Torque and cadence sensor
  3. Has both throttle and pedal assist
  4. 28 mph in pedal assist mode
  5. Real world range of 30+ miles on flat NYC roads in throttle only mode for a 190 lbs rider at 15 mph - that means battery of > 500wh is fine
  6. Front suspension
  7. Ideally I want to stay under $2500, could stretch to $3500 for a major step up.
Nice to have but not a must

  1. Ideally around 50 lbs
  2. Ideally tube battery to keep the look discreet
  3. Indifferent to hub drive vs mid drive
Closest thing I have found to my requirements is Juiced Cross Current S2 - Main negative is doesn’t have tube battery pack.

Others in the short list include Ride1up 500 series, Luna Stealth, Vanmoof S3, Specialized Veda 4.0 SL and upcoming Watts Wagons commuter bike. However these bikes meet overal fewer requirements than Juiced CC S2.

I wanted to get views on this forum and see what do people recommend.


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There is the Ride1up Limited if you want cadence AND torque sensor although some seem not to like it and the Espin Reine. (looks like they are out of stock). If you want a cadence sensor there is the Ride1up 500 ($1200) and 700 ($1500). Battery is more exposed in the 500. The 700 has some upgraded specs including hydraulic brakes and a more integrated battery, as does the similar Espin Sport ($1200). Aventon Level is also a nice bike. All have decent batteries, range, brakes, throttle. Around 50 lbs. I am sure there are others that would be suitable and cost more, including middrives with torque sensors. You could get a lighter bike but you would likely have to give up a suspension fork, have a smaller battery - which will effect range, or go with a lighter weaker motor that would also likely affect range and speed. Some like the Rad power bikes but they are mostly heavier fatter wheel bikes that have more rolling resistance. There are a lot of bikes to choose from. Suggest you read reviews of bikes you are considering. Nice if you test ride some bikes at a local bike shop.


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I have 4 very different bikes in my short list right now
1. Juiced Cross a Current S2
2. Dost Kope
3. Gazelle Medeo T10
4. Specialized Veda 4.0

it seems most of the large bike manufacturers don’t really do throttle. Is that because of reliability issues or is that because throttle bikes are moving too far away from their DNA?

Any other inputs would be hugely appreciated.


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Some people want throttles for commuting, quick starts at lights, to go faster.I think they would be useful in NYC.


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Some people want throttles for commuting, quick starts at lights, to go faster.I think they would be useful in NYC.
if you have a mid drive and use gears you can start far faster. I really learned to accelerate with I started riding a recumbent and really learning to shift, 5 shifts crossing a street and I hit 20 mph.


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In NY City get a throttle. If you wanted to depend on conventional shifting why get an ebike at all ? I think mid drives are ill suited for cities where there are no steep hills. They cost a lot more too. One of the posters here has a bike shop and says most of the repairs he does are on mid drives.


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The juiced is a great choice! I think their battery is a great selling point,killer pack for commuting!


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My friend has a ripcurrent S in the city. He loves it. Goes up and down curbs, pot holes no big deal, cadence, torque throttle 28 mph+, long range