Looking for Radmission basket advice for carrying bags of milk (4l bags, Im from Canada)


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I will need something to carry several bags of milk for my cafe now and then. Part of me thinks I should just get a wagon to attach to my bike but I was wondering if the community have other ideas.
Another idea I had was to get a collapse able rear basket then two side bags and a removable front basket.
Any recommendations?

Thanks this community seems pretty awesome so far.


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I’d definitely go with a child bike trailer. Bet you can find them on your local classifieds for $50.

Edit: you can also look for models that convert into a "jogger" so that you can bring it into the store with you as a shopping cart.
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The trailer is certainly a good option for a full load of groceries, or multiple big bulk bags of milk.

A couple other options that I use:

Thule Pack and Pedal basket. No sharp edges, and holds two big bags of groceries in those typical recyclable grocery bags with the top zipper. I don't even have to secure those types of bags as they fit so well.

And for a very versatile pannier option, the Arkel Haul-it. I have one to carry a backpack to work, but it works to carry a large grocery bag, or even a full 24 of beer/pop as well. Would certainly carry a bulk bag of milk, and can fold up to be out of the way if you aren't hauling anything,



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This is what I made up , simple, strong and as an added bonus the bike is very stable when ìts upside down to work on. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the inside. Hope this helps


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