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George S.

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There's no reason the ebike is better than an e-motorcycle, scooter, golf car or 'Quad Whatever', if you just want to get somewhere.

This vehicle consumes about 150 watt hours per mile, if the numbers are about right. A fast ebike uses maybe 30, and a small electric car like a Volt maybe 300 wh, per mile.

Most cities need to worry about how people with basic jobs obtain housing and transport. At least lower battery prices drive lower costs for anything with a battery. Basic vehicles like this could be part of a 'shared' system. Find one and rent it for an hour or whatever. Half the country is left out of that dream of a home and a car. Eventually, that has to be worked out.

People who know how to make performance ebikes could probably build something like this, maybe have fresh insights. To some extent, the 25mph state category limits the appeal. Too bad they can't open up the regulations for a few years. People need basic transportation.