Looking to do a bike build - sourcing parts


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I am looking to do a build with a Bafang mid-drive 750W unit on an old diamondback parkway bike. If all works well I will update the bike platform down the road. That bike from the 90's would be fine other than it doesn't have disc brakes (nor any suspension but that is not a big deal) and is not worth updating to take them. My wife is one of those - you are cheating road bike riding e-bike naysayers that misses the point about us biking together. So I am keeping the budget low.

My question is on sourcing the kit. I would prefer to go with the Luna kit based on the upgrades they include, however, the BBs02 kit is out of stock. In looking around, ebay has similar kits with the same pieces for quite a bit less money. Roughly $200+ cheaper with free shipping and it looks like they are in stock.

Being suspicious, is there anything to be aware of in ordering via this channel? It seems the same seller is also selling on Amazon for a higher price, but the reviews on amazon for this supplier are generally positive in means of the support.