Looking to get my first e-bike


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Hey, so this is my first post and I was hoping to get some insight into e-bikes. Thanks in advance for the help :)
So I've been working a bike delivery job for some time now and I've been interested in e-bikes. I tend to ride anywhere between 20-30 miles a day on mostly flat city streets so I was looking for models that had a range of 40 just in case. I'd like the bike to have pedals and assumably pedal-assist to make use of the range and would prefer it to be lighter weight. It wouldn't need a rack, but accessories are always helpful haha. And while I would understand for obvious reasons that it shouldn't be used in heavy rain, I would appreciate decent protection against water damage or likewise a purchasable accessory to further protect the bike. As this would be of a commuting style, I was looking beneath the $2000 range. From my brief research, I found the Rad City 4 and Rad Mission to look interesting, though the City did seem heavy and Mission's single speed to be bothering along with the both of their batteries being rather exposed.
I appreciate any help on the topic as I am a novice. Thanks again!


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Of the two the RadMission is lighter than the RadCity by at least 15lb, the 500w geared hub motor should make enough power to compensate for the single speed gearing on flat land, but if you think you will encounter hills I would recommend you consider the RadCity with 7-speed gears. To get 40 miles range consistently I would recommend buying and carrying a spare battery ($449). RadPower sell a useful large platform rack ($39) that can be attached to a rear rack to carry larger flat insulated boxes.
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