Looking to get two bikes in Santa Monica


Santa Monica
Hi Everyone!

We're new here but not to forums, nor powered bicycles. I've been experimenting for a while - I "motorized" an old bike, years ago. That project is still gathering dust...

Last week, we went on a bike tour around the wine country nearby. I had a Rad City and loved it and now we're looking at getting two (same or similar), plus the hitch, carrier, etc.

This seems to be an active forum with a lot of nice people and good advice (we'll see, LOL). I found five and signed up here... 😸


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Welcome SMebikers, nice to have you aboard. They’re very nice bikes and you will have lots of fun. There are a great bunch of members on this site who not only enjoy the sport but are willing to to help with advice and suggestions and receptive to your input as well. Always remember to ride safe and responsibly and don’t forget to send along some photos of your bikes and scenic travels. Good luck.