Looking to spend £2500 on an ebike..

Stefan Mikes

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  • Cube is visually far nicer (but that's my personal opinion)
  • Cube: 100 mm travel suspension fork vs 63 mm one in Haibike
  • Bosch Gen 3 motor is fine, really. The Yamaha one found on Haibike is equal (nothing wrong with the former or the latter). These motors are equal.
  • Same brakes on both e-bikes but the Cube has larger rotors (better)
  • Comparable tyres on both bikes. The tyres on Cube are better if you want to ride both road and off-road. (The ones on Haibike are good mostly for roads)
  • Haibike has 1x10-speed drive-train while the Cube is 1x9. Haibike is somewhat better if there are big hills around you. The 9-speed system is cheaper to maintain.
  • Haibike is equipped, Cube is not.
Hard choice. Both e-bikes are of the same class. If I were you, I would choose the right e-bike for visual appeal. And... How much is for the Cube with the 625 Wh battery? It is important. Having a 625 battery nowadays compared to 500 Wh is like the day and the night. Bear in mind a 625 Wh Bosch battery costs 600 quids alone!


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Ok, some update here.
Ive narrowed it down to the Trekking 4 or the Cube reaction hybrid pro 500.
I know that the Haibike has all the mudguards, lights and rack installed and I’m going to have to install some of that separately but how do the bikes stack up against each other?

Some on also said that I should look at the Cube Reaction hybrid performance 500 which is £300 cheaper but I’m not sure how the older generation Bosch unit compares to the one in the Reaction Pro. It’s all just so confusing..

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
Based on your responses so far, I would go with the Haibike Trekking 4... it has great specs and reviews with the Yamaha drive system. ;)



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The Cube looks a decent bike, but it's another MTB hardtail like the Forme Alport in your opening post, compared to the Haibike touring bike. The Cube is more aligned to the Haibike Sduro Hardseven models, in which case have you looked at Giant Fathom E TMB models ? Conversely the Giant Explore range might be worth a look as its more commute/trekking based.

I guess it depends where you intend to ride the bike - either will handle tarmac, gravel tracks and leafy cycle paths and easy forest trails. The Cube being a mtb has lower gearing (assuming we're looking at the 12 speed cassette) so if you know you'll be facing steeps climbs then the bigger cogs, up to 50T vs 42T on the Haibike, may be of some use. With electric assist though i'd imagine you'd have to be on a pukka MTB trail or off-piste to make use of those bigger cogs, at which point the Smart Sam tyres are probably going to be out of their comfort zone anyway

The riding position of the Cube is likely to be slightly more aggressive by design, the Haibike a little more relaxed - of course you can alter either with stem/riser/bar changes. If you liked the Forme Alport test then OK

The Haibike tyres are going to be a slightly better for road noise, but the Smart Sams on the Cube aren't too bad (as Stefan has shown in his specific thread) and probably not an awful lot to choose between them for rolling resistance.

IF you ride mostly smooth surfaces and want a more relaxed ride then I'd sway towards the Haibike (warranty issues aside), for more all round use then the Cube (but recognising it'd need lights, mudguards etc for commuting; and more aggressive off-road tyres for real MTB trail work)
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Thanks, lot to take in here. I hope to try a few of these bike soon but no one has them around here at the moment. Guess I’ll have to wait for a bit!