Looking To Test Ride An e-Joe Gadis in the San Fernando Valley


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Hi. I'm very interested in this bike but the nearest dealer is 36 miles from my home in the suburbs of Los Angeles. If you own an e-Joe Gadis and live somewhat near the 818 and are willing to let me take the bike for a test ride I would gratefully appreciate it.


Saratoga Dave

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Koda owner for almost a year and 1400 nearly trouble free miles. I like the bike, but not so hot on the company. I've had two occasions where I used their Contact Us email and gotten no response either time; two weeks ago I finally called with two questions, was told by the friendly woman on the phone she would get back to me, never happened.

I am right on the edge of coughing up a pretty good pile of cash for a Trek xm700. No faith in the future with the eJoe people, which is sad because the bike itself has been sound. I'll keep it as a spare for friends to ride or perhaps sell it, not sure.