Looks like Specialized is scrapping the hub-drive Turbo line

Ray R

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They're no longer on the main bike website. They've been moved to the bike archive section.

My bet would be we'll see a mid-drive road model next, based on the same motor as the Levo line.


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Only the Turbo-S CE will remain. The other Turbo-Bikes will be substituted with the Vado-line.
The S-Version-Vado will not have the same amount of power than the Turbo-S-CE. So the Turbo-S-CE will remain top of the line.


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At least in Germany the Turbo S CE will be available in 2017. It gets a price drop by 500€. That's the statement from 3 sales reps here in germany.
The base models indeed will vanish/be replaced.


Comparing Turbo vs Stromer is like BMW vs Audi. I'm a BMW guy is the feeling experience when you drive. So does Specialized is one of the biggest bicycle brand build a electric bike. It feels like a fun bike looks cool sporty. Meanwhile Stromer is a tech company first is not a bicycle company is like Tesla a tech company build a bike. Is more tech oriented then ride oriented.

I tested a Giant Dirt +1 ebike recently Yahama mid motor 350W hardtail MTB. I haven't tested Turbo Levo mid motor system 350W motor I think they reminds each other both 350W mid motor. Giant bike was very easy picking up speed even speed limited 25km/h I can easily increase in speed up to 32km/h which reminds Turbo base model.

With that said I don't think Specialized are making a bad choice by using Brose 350 motor on new Vado line. I still believe Vado is going to be a fun ride even with smaller motor. I think it still beat Stromer on ride experience ;)

Cameron Newland

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Vado Expert: 350 W Motor, 504 Wh Battery
Turbo S-CE: 500W Motor, 691 Wh Battery

500 € price difference. If they stop the Turbo-S-Version there's no model to compete with the competitors (Stromer).

I think the power-gap between those two will justify the Turbo-S in the product-line.


We don't know what this power gap is. In fact, there may be no power gap at all. In order to determine if there is any power gap, we would need to know the peak power output of each motor, and I don't think that information is public at this point. Also, mid-drive motors are more energy-efficient than hub motors, so the 350W (continuous) Brose motor might actually put out more torque at the wheels than a hub motor.

In fact, the range of the Vado Expert might be equal to or greater than the range of the Turbo S CE (which comes with a larger battery).

Given that the Specialized Turbo Vado includes S-pedelec models, I think they compete just fine with Stromer.

George S.

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@Cameron Newland wrote:

if there is any power gap, we would need to know the peak power output of each motor, and I don't think that information is public at this point.

The other half of the California rules allowing 28 mph speed bikes doesn't go into force until next year. That is the label for every ebike showing 1) top assisted speed 2) wattage of the motor 3) category, which is 1, 2 or 3.

No one knows what 'wattage of the motor' means. It would be pointless to use the current labels where 350 watt motors, like mine, peak at 1200 watts. But will they use absolute peak watts with a full battery? Who knows? I assume they will use peak watts. I can set my Golden Motors for Max Amps, so at 15 amps, with a 48 volt battery, it's right around 750 watts, and that is where it tops out. (But I can put a 52v battery on the bike). The label requires that this wattage be fixed. The law says I have to relabel to change the setting. I can change the setting in 10 seconds, with a Bluetooth app. I don't know if my bikes are 'grandfathered', but I doubt I have to do anything for an existing bike. Not sure what happens to DIY motors.

In theory, come January 1st, we may know what kind of peak watts all these motors produce. Stay tuned?

Ray R

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Looks like the hub drive Turbos are back on the website. The standard and X with a discounted price. The S still at $7k.