Loose LCD Connector


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I'm a 65 YO retired EE Newie, who recently purchased a 2019 RadCity Step-Thru. Yesterday at 175 miles, the bike went completely dead while riding at PAS3. I had to push the bike home. Pedaling it was extremely difficult with no power! After some searching on this site, I realized that this thread by KenS was similar to my issue.

What I found was that the 4 pin bright metal waterproof connector attached to the LCD was disconnected. When I tried to reconnect it, I found that there was not enough slack in the cable to make the connection, and screw the connector together. The cable going into the connector, which was too short, was folded over on itself, and zip tied together. They must be using a universal wiring harness, and that cable was about 6" too long. Folding it over and zip tying it, made it look better, but then the cable was too short to make a good connection. The assembler must have just pushed the two halves together, without actually screwing the barrel connector together. 175 miles of riding, finally shook the connector loose on my bike. The fix was easy. I simply cut the tie wrap, to give me back the 6" of cable. Tightened everything back up, and all is well. I did pass this info on to Rad Power support as well. Just hoping that this post might help someone with a similar issue. I counted three of us with similar LCD connector issues, while searching the forum.

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