Losing my mind trying to figure this out


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The Ecotric Seagull uses a 48 volt battery. The ones from China don't last. They will leave you stranded. Better to buy the Korean-LG or Samsung type made in the US. I had my original Seagull battery die for no reason on the trail after less than 1 year. Showed 0 voltage when tested. Never again.


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Good price. My girlfriend wants a backup 36v for her Peace Dove but Ecotric no has. Back in stock in a few weeks.
I bought a UP 18Ah "Silverfish" bat for my "Peacedove" and it worked great, knock on wood,I have had good luck with all the aftermarket batteries I have bought, the thing I do is this,I try not to go too cheap and I count the rows of cells vs the claimed Ah and lower my expectations accordingly. most of the time I assume a little over 2 ah a row on the cheaper batteries.


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Some more Ecotric Silverfish pics. I finally found that the cells are in a shrink wrapped package, held in the case by friction. It's like removing handlebar grips. A little soap and it could be pushed out.


With the shrink wrap peeled back, I found 50 cells in a plastic form plus a BMS circuit.

WIth further teardown, you can see the conductor plates on the ends of the cells and the plastic form. What's missing between this pack and a higher end pack is (a) better quality cells, (b) individual cell fuses and (c) perhaps a better BMS. Still, it looks like a well assembled battery. Not bad for a $779 ebike.