Lost a light level on my Dash Battery


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Just happened this week. The #8 diagnosis on the panel says a full charge is around 79% and I only get 4 lights on the actual battery. I figure I have about 125 charges on the battery @ 2580 miles, which I guess is in line of the 300 charge life of the battery.
At this rate I'll need to spend $600 every other year to maintain the range of the bike.

Cameron Newland

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Ruh roh.

I hope you get that sorted out. That doesn't sound normal. Might want to get a battery replacement under warranty.

My 2015 IZIP E3 Dash used to indicate 47 miles of range when I first got it. After 100 miles, that dropped to 43 miles, and at 600 miles it dropped to 41 miles, and now at 2,000 miles it indicates 38 miles.

The good news is that IZIP has used this 48V 417Wh battery for years, so I imagine it'll continue to be available as a replacement part for years. I asked Steve at the IZIP Store in Santa Monica about the price for replacement batteries, and I can't remember the exact price he quoted me, but if I remember correctly, it seemed like he said that you can buy a replacement battery for a bit less than the retail price of ~$550 (maybe somewhere in the $400-$500 range?).

I'm not super happy with how my battery is degrading, however, I've gotten 2000 miles out of it and it's still working just fine, and given that the stated range on the 2015 IZIP E3 Dash was 25-35 miles, I think that as long as I'm getting at least 25 miles of range in the lowest pedal assist mode, my battery is working just fine and I don't really have good reason to complain.


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I even tried to store it properly for the winter. About 75% charged in my house so it was nice and warm. I also wonder if my "top up" charges have affected it. Where I'll do 5-7 miles, come back toss it on the charger for an hour and go back out for another 10+.
My bike will be a year old this May.. And not sure if I want to wait while I send the battery out, test it and then figure it out for 20% less battery might might be normal wear.
Curious if a new battery comes with a charger.


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I thought these were rated at like 500? 300 is nuts, that's not even a year before having to replace a $400 - $600 battery pack. It seems like most of the ones I've been seeing are rated for at least a 1000 cycles which would be closer to three years and a bit more like it.


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The light came back and it's confirmed 100% on the diagnostics. I ran it down to 1 bar a couple times and gave it an overnight charge. Now it's back! :D
I don't think it likes those "top off" charges.