Loud Brakes


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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know a way to quite down, even if just a little, the disk brakes on a Haibike? I have the XDURO FS RX 27.5.

I was riding down a steep hill yesterday and the noise was so loud people at the bottom of the hill complained to me. It gets worse the slower you are going but at my riding skill level I have to go slow sometimes.

Otherwise still loving my bike :)

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First thing to do is have your disk brakes checked for rotor alignment if your bike is relatively new. Secondly, you dealer can inspect your brake rotors for any warping. The 3rd option is to replace oem pads with different pads. Magura's have been known to be a little noisey. If you do a search for noise magura brakes you will find lots of recommendations for dealing with the problem.