love fall bike riding in Midwest- 3 great trails

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Fall is my favorite season here in the Midwest, especially for ebike riding. The cooler weather, and gorgeous trees, makes for very enjoyable ebike riding.

Here is a good article for anyone in the Midwest who may want to check out 3 different trails.

The I&M towpath along the canal is interesting and very long. by Starved Rock State Park, in Utica IL, Utica Electric Bike Rentals offers ebikes you can rent for a couple hours or longer, so take some friends along who may not have an ebike yet, and experience some very scenic views also along the Illinois River, and cliffs that provide overlooks from the state park. Some of the caverns and falls inside the park are unbelievable, and quite the site given you are right in the middle of a fairly flat Illinois farm country. Though it gets hilly along the river and in other parts of the state. Some great winery's nearby. You don't have to go to west coast wine country, to enjoy ebiking, wine, and cheese ! ;)