Low battery warning and motor grinding


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I’ve got a 2020 Turbo Vado 4 that is a replacement for a 2018 Turbo Vado 3 that developed a cracked frame just shy of 3000 miles. It was in the shop 6 weeks ago to get new brakes, new chainring, and firmware update. It’s been running great and I’m at 2970 miles.

Today on my ride to work I noted that the display was showing Low Battery despite the system saying the battery was at 99% and the battery was showing full on its built in display. turning the bike off and back on didn’t clear the warning. About 8 miles into the ride I started feeling an intermittent grinding while pedaling. I first thought my bag had maybe snagged on the chain and readjusted with no change. After a few more minutes of riding the grinding became more persistent and there was clear resistance against pedaling. When I decreased the motor power nothing changed until I got to no motor assist at which point the problem went away.

Obviously I’m bringing it to the shop, but any ideas what I could be looking at?

Steve Brown

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I’m not sure if this is the same problem, but my wife’s turbo Vado SL 4eq is currently in the LBS for something which sounds similar. This bike was new in March, and in mid-May started to make a whining/whirring noise when NOT using the motor, just pedalling. There is no noise when using the motor, and the noise varies between the high pitched whine, and a lower pitch which my wife describes as sounding like a old lorry reversing. Does any of that ring a bell?


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Mines the opposite, it’s fine if the motor is off, if it’s on it makes grinding/slipping kind of sound. It sounds like either a bad bearing or a worn belt. It only happens when under load, so if I put the bike on a rack and pedal with the wheels off the ground it makes the sound for a moment, but once the wheel is spinning with some speed it stops. If I pedal against resistance, the sound continues.


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FWIW if you don't replace the battery in the display it'll still work fine. It just won't save overall accumulated distance in between rides. It will still be powered on by the bike while you're riding it.