Low step, upright, light, hidden battery, $2000?


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I keep coming back to the Story Electric Step Thru bike because it has a hidden battery AND it's only 33 pounds:

I like it, but I feel like I'm probably paying extra money for it because they also donate a bike, so I don't want to overpay for a lesser quality bike.

Most of the bikes I see are closer to 50 pounds AND they have a big, black battery on them. I'd prefer to stay closer to $1500 but can spend as much as $2000.

I ride a regular electra townie and LOVE it, but the electric version is 56 pounds and has a very visible battery.

We have an electric cargo bike that we use when we haul the kiddos, but looking for a companion for when we go places as a family or go more than 5 miles.



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Just one thought, from somebody that does all of their own work. The sleek looking hidden battery, when it comes time to replace it, is not nearly as universal as the big black ugly battery. This could mean the the black battery might be available (at a reasonable price), where the hidden battery may not be (at any price).


The info says 39 pounds, not 33 pounds. And there's no information about the manufacturer/quality of components, so I'd be wary. You don't get something for nothing. (It's a nice-looking bike for a townie, though!)