Lower tires...?


My bike has tight clearance between frame and tires, and going from 28-622 road slicks to 40-622 Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tour proved problematic. I can not fit fenders between tire and frame but can DIY a split fender setup that sort of works, but still the tire pressure is quite limited. I could go 27,5" instead but that would really be too costly. I was thinking of shifting the wheel axles a few mm out in their seats but the way the seats are designed that is not an option.

Thus I am looking at other tires, but data on height seems generally unavailable from manufacturers. So I was hoping that someone would already have opened this can of worms... ;)
I am looking for 28"/700c/622 E-50 rated road/commuting tires (this bike will never see gravel) lower than Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tour. Ideally 35-45 mm (1,5" - 1,8") wide but up to 50 (2") would fit, rims are 622x24.
Anyone...? 🧐
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