Luna Apollo Bafang Ultra Motor programming question


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Completely agree, as do many others regarding "mode". "Current" based is the better plan, avoiding having the power taper down as you reach or exceed a certain speed.

The "start current" is one of the ones to play with if you're wanting to get rid of an aggressive start. 10 is pretty aggressive. Backing that off to 8 or even 6 will make a noticeable difference. A setting of 1 or 2 makes for pretty slow motion acceleration, maybe compared to trying to accelerate a bike weighing many pounds more than what you actually are! You're the judge here though! When messing with these settings one at a time you can set it right where it feels best....

The start and end voltage have to do with your throttle's electronic voltage operating range. Many throttles run from 1.0 volts to 4.2 volts. Maximum throttle resolution would be 10 for "starting voltage", and 42 for for "ending" if that were the case. Settings of 15 to 35 for that same throttle for instance, will result in a throttle with less resolution, starting later and ending sooner as it's operated through it's movement (possibly making it a little "touchier"). -Al