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In terms of Rohloff power handling, here's an interesting article. Scroll down to "Hot Rodding with a Rohloff":

"Some high performance race bike builders wonder exactly how much power you can put through your Rohloff. Rohloff says the maximum input torque for the hub is 100Nm (Newton Meters). They are saying that the Rohloff could handle roughly 1.5 horse-power, but it is rumoured the hub can handle much more.

I talked to Neal at Cycle Monkey in Berkeley, the USA distributor and service facility for the Rohloff.

So here is a guide for those electric mad men who are thinking of pumping a 5000+ watt rc motor through a Rohloff.
  1. Tou will indeed void your warranty running this kind of power through the Rohloff.
  2. The Rohloff has 6 nylon shear -pins inside the hub which is designed to sacrificially prevent damage to the gears in the case of higher torque loads. This means the worst you are risking is a $100 repair job if you do “fry” your Rohloff. You will know when these nylon shears break loose because the Rohloff will spin uselessly without spinning the tire when the nylon pins break loose.
  3. 11th gear is the straight through gear, in this gear you will not slip and it is the safest one to run high power through.
  4. The lower the gear the more likely you are to break the nylon pins loose…so when riding with a lot of power stay up high. Be careful not to apply too much torque when climbing steep hills in low gear.

Luna says they'll rebuild the Rohloff in their Apex bike forever for $100.

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I did this starting back in 2015 - Belt drive, Rohloff, Ventana wolfram 27.5+ frame, E-rad motor. The bike has been flawless and totally awesome. While it was a few more dollars than I wanted to spend, the custom build was done by professionals and you know what they say about "you get what you pay for". I would imagine the bike cost was about double than a higher end model from a mass produced manufacture. I just know every one of those dollars spent was worth every cent over the last 4+ years and the next 10.


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There is one vendor that will do anything.
I tend to think that at the power level of the Bafang M620 gears essentially become an un-necessary expense. Most riders can get a fixie going even up a hill if they only have to work at it for say 10 seconds. Once at like 5-10mph the Bafang will be in an efficient rpm even with a 66T Front / 20T Rear belt sproket combo (this can be optimized for


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Yea I thoug
That's funny - I was thinking the exact opposite thing. If it didn't have any suspension it would have almost everything on my wish list. I am looking for a commuter bike and I don't want to deal with shock maintenance. I also would prefer not to have an internally mounted battery.

That sounds promising. Didn't PIM (Seattle retail bike shop?) produce a few budget ebikes then essentially give up on producing their own bikes, tho? Their web site is dead, anyway:
Yea I thought the same thing. No website anymore, no facebook page anymore, sounds like they are DOA.