M-Class vs Tern HSD?


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Hi folks,

I am wondering if any of you have direct experience with both the Tern HSD and the Ariel Rider M-Class. They seem to be similar in concept but there is a significant price difference between the two. I know from haven ridden the HSD and the Benno Remi Demi on the same day that even though the design might be similar there can be a huge difference in how the ride feels on the different bikes. Not super comfortable with ordering the bike sight unseen. Not aware of anyone in the Vancouver BC area with an Ariel M-Class that I can try so I'm looking for folks with first hand experience with both bikes for some insight.

I am looking to downsize from my current Yuba Mundo (with eZee front hub kit) as my kids are now in high school. My round trip commute is just under 40km ( just under 25 miles) and I still want to option to load up the bike with some groceries, or my camera bag, lunch, clothes, etc.