M2SBikes.com - anyone heard of them?


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I just noticed them: https://shop.m2sbikes.com/

They seem to have pretty decent looking bikes with 48v 17 Ah battery for a decent price (especially with good size battery). Good selection of styles as well (even an electric Road Bike).

Seems to be a new start-up with bikes shipping around March, 2017.


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I live in region ... tried to make appointment to view one but to no avail ... couldnt be bothered. Dont know either way to build quality or customer backup if a problem prevails, but I went with a 2yr warranty brand .

for what its worth ,



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I am interested in the M2S fat tire bike, but I would like to know if they have a bike shop in NC, since they say drop in and view their bikes? 60 bikes are supposed to be on the way. Is that true and when they arrive can that be posted !!!!