M5 LCD Replacement


I have had 4 Aventon Pace 500 ebikes over the past two years. ALL 4 Displays reset after X miles. This is well known problem for Pace 500 Displays. I received replacement Displays on 3 of the ebikes. 4th Display received monetary rebate from Aventon. Reset Display works fine. Just know that Odometer may reset again. I keep actual mileage on database. So no problem. The 3 Replaced Displays have wierd 'feature' of displaying both KM/Mi icons on Trip B. However, only miles are actually displayed in Trip B. All other Display functions work normally.


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I got off the fence and bought the Level a week ago and even though it would be ideal if the display was removable I found that keeping the two screws that hold it in place not tightened helps for quick tilting so as to prevent damage and or preying eyes on the bike(when locked up) with the display up.
I have my screws just tight enough that I can push the display backwards way under and facing upsidedown under the bike stem. Yeah I know the sinch has no stem. It's tight enough that it does not move around when riding
I also use locktite red on screw threads so they stay in place.


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Thanks rcdanner, I appreciate any and all responses, especially knowing that it has happened to others and it appears to be an issue that I will have to live with. I can deal with it.


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The KT-LCD-4 is most likely not compatible, but I could be wrong. It all depends on what protocols it supports, which the manufacturer should be able to confirm. Ask for the "J-LCD Protocol". Some may also be able to terminate it correctly, just ask! I found that APT was responsive but ultimately I don't think they would support this protocol, but they do support 5S.

In general, if you want a purely off the shelf solution just stick with the M5 display from Aventon. Otherwise you will likely not find the right termination. If you can accept that, then the KM5S (Old FW), S-LCD, and J-LCD from King Meter should also work. The Nakto branded M5 display was not terminated with the right connector, and the wires are over-molded to the back panel, so I was going to swap those out, it's a simple soldering job.

I'm also debating buying an EggRider since I think the Lishui model will be compatible with our bikes. Apparently the Lishui Forerider app is compatible with J-LCD display bikes. It will also be terminated correctly for our bikes, I think. I'm starting to think Aventon swapped the TX and RX lines though, so I'm reviewing my test setup to see if that's true.
The Factory Aventon "Level" M5 Display appears to be setup so one cannot get to any of the higher numbered settings. I would love to be able to reduce the amount of "assist" and there appears to be a setting in the Natko for doing that. Do you know who makes the display and/or controller Aventon uses and if there is a way to get to those extra parameters? Thanks.