M5 - Review After 14 Months

I've had the Ecoreco M5 for 14 months. It's currently in the shop, as the vertical bar housing the handlebar completely cracked. It's still under warranty, so hopefully they can fix it. I loved this scooter until I bought its replacement, the I-Max S-1, which completely blows it away. My thoughts on the M5:

Build quality: B-. It feels solid, but my battery died after a year, and the frame cracked after 14 months.

Ride quality: C+. In NYC streets, this thing is dangerous. I've taken several bad spills on cracked roads, and the solid tires are terrible for abrupt braking. You just can't prevent skidding for 20 feet if you're going top speed. And if there's any moisture on the road, this thing is very slippery.

Power: B+. Good power, but not great up hills. It's actually too much power for the wheels.

Mileage: B. I get about 10 miles per full charge (at 200 lbs).

The I-Max wasn't available when I bought the M5. It's about the same price and is far better in every facet.