M5 Review


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Just wanted to mention this seemed like a fair review as an owner of an m5 and having ridden it for 120 miles so far in Manhattan

Some parts of the review I found interesting and not documented elsewhere:
* the motor bis 250W nominal but 750W peak. The peak power does sound very decent and does feel very capable on the road, and like the reviewer I usually only apply partial throttle
* the new charger is more compact and quieter. have the old style blocky charger which has a whir that you can hear when everyone's asleep.
* Two year warranty is pretty nice!
* I appreciated the battery maintenance advice of keeping its range from 20 to 80 pct where possible. The manual did not have any good recommendations on how to keep the battery healthy.

My own feedback:
* Throttle handle angle can be adjusted so that the display is more visible. Seems perfect for me. Not sure if brake handle can be adjusted as well.
* there are some pins internally that can disable the safe start feature (ie scooter doesn't have to be >2mph to activate motor). Weight sensor would be a good idea though. One day I found myself walking the scooter (not standing on it) and accidentally pressing the throttle. Needless to say the scooter popped a mini wheelie. Weight sensor would have smarter.
* Power is plenty, I would say caution is warranted in rough potholed road conditions in traffic, or when the roads are wet. You WILL fall from time to time given the smaller wheels. Of course more power would be appreciated in some situations especially for slight inclined areas.
* over time, the suspension does seem to squeak. More advice on maintenance from manufacturer or others would be greatly appreciated, maybe some dealers can even offer a tuneup service!