Magnum Navigator 27.5 Low step

Picked up the Magnum Navigator 4 days ago. I am a 70 year old male, 5'9", 245 lbs. First impressions are good. The bike has done well on the few hills that I have climbed. I have biked mostly flat areas here in northern Ohio. I have gone 35 miles and the charge is still showing 3 of 5 bars left on the bike computer or 2 of 3 lights on the battery. I average 12 mph, in power level 1 or 2 and do peddle most of the time. Only rarely use the throttle. I did 10 miles on a bike trail with some hills and was not overly fatigued. The most I could do on my Specialized Roll bike was 4 miles. I am having a blast using the bike. I am impressed with the battery range so far. Also, I had both knees replaced 4 years ago and just recently started biking again.

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contrats. I just bought one today to... I was debating this versus the Metro (which were only 2 out of four bikes that were available immediately). I am 240 lbs and have bad knees as well. The Navigator feels so much bigger but it rides great and I actually do use the throttle to start off which has helped a lot.
I think you will enjoy the bike. I take it to play pickleball a few times a week, 3.5 miles away. I have gotten it up 24 miles per hour in level 6 gear 8. I am able to get it up on my bike rack to take it places. I have the Swagman rack. Did a 16 mile round trip ride from Elyria Ohio to Oberlin Ohio . Very enjoyable. Watch that when you travel with the bike on a rack that you leave the battery in it's housing. I stored mine in the car and found that one of the two small cylinders at the top of the housing which are spring loaded, fell out. They are not glued in. So far Magnum has not been able to find one for me and I am not sure they are looking. Otherwise i am very excited about the bike.


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My Swagman XC-2 bike rack failed. It is rated for two 35 lbs bikes, I had my one 60 lbs Navigator on it. Unfortunately, the platform rung collapsed under the back wheels and the bike tumbled to the ground while I was transporting the bike. Seat and some parts on the handlebar were scraped up. I was traveling at 20 mph at the time and had added a bungee, but it still hit the ground. The bike works fine. Lesson learned, do not use the Swagman for a heavy e-bike as the platform rungs cannot support 60 lbs. I ordered the Hollywood e-bike rack. Could have been worse. I could have been on the highway.