Magnum Peak Issues with Battery Port


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I have two Magnum Peaks with seemingly the same issue (or very similar) with their battery port that connects to the das-kit controller. Both of them had that piece break off, around nearly the same time and usage amount, and now neither of them are getting power to the motor. One definitely has a completely broken wire, the other we're not sure about, because it gets power to the screen but the engine won't turn. Has anyone experienced this? Is it possible to get this part in isolation for this bike? I hate that I can't ride EITHER of my bikes right now unless I do so manually, and so far soldering the wires back on hasn't been successful and I'd rather just get a new battery input port + 2 prong connector I think, but I'm not sure what these are called or where to look. Hopefully later this week I'll hear back from Magnum and Epic Cycles, but I am trying to cover all my bases here.

Not THRILLED with the design of his part because it broke on both bikes almost simultaneously, so once I do manage to fix this, I'm going to have to find a way to secure them better so it doesn't break the wires next time. I do ride a lot of trails and I guess it was too much impact for this piece.