Magnum Premium Folding Bike 500w


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Ive had my premium low step since late April and have clocked 1300 miles.
had one pinch flat due to my LBS improperly inflating the front tire, and the latch rivet break off. But its been reliable as hell.
That being said, I need a 28 mph bike...
decisions decisions...


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well, i figure this is about the right spot to pose a question. how can i tell the premium from premium II? i ask this because i JUST got my supposed premium II, and it looks like it came with an old seat. from what i gather, it's supposed to be the gel selle seat, and i didn't get that. i got what looks like a low step seat. and also on the premium II i thought the sticker says premium x48... it feels odd to me. the bike is fine, it's just i'm wondering if i got what i paid for. certainly magnum should do more to make it easier to spot differences right away.... so they retailer tells me "well, sometimes manufacturers use or switch to different parts" and i was like, um no. they make the exact same thing, and wait till a new model to make changes. so i sent pictures on how mine looks different from what was on their site, and everywhere else on the planet. it's only like $60 for the CORRECT seat, but since i spent so much cash on the damn thing already, i don't think i should have to pay even more to get what should be there. see attached photos. mine is the one in the kitchen with the trunk bag. also, on the display screen, the back lighting is strong on the left, but rather dim on the right. is that normal? the picture makes it look WAY brighter. it's like there's almost stained spots in the background too. bad LCD?


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