Magnum Summit Homemade Headlight


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I took an old head light that I ordered from Amazon a couple of years ago and modified it to operate on my Magnum Summit. It was a rechargeable headlight that the battery corroded in and messed up the circuit board. So, I cut the wires off, tested it, and sure enough the LED's still all worked fine. From there I just modified the power wire to work off of a USB power bank by splicing an old USB cable. I wired it to where all 3 of the LED's come on when connected to power, and the 5.5 volts it puts out is plenty bright. If you wanted to you could up the voltage to 12vdc with a couple of transistors and zenier diodes, but I found the 5.5 vdc to be sufficient. The light had a hard plastic front area for the headband. I took a heat gun and heated it enough to where I could form that plastic around the front of the frame where the stem goes through. Then, I just simply zip tied it to the area with a couple of ties. Forming the plastic to just a little tighter than the frame front and the ties keep it in place really well. I only points forward at all times, but the radius of the light output makes corners and bends in the path no problem. I still have the cheap walmart bicycle light on my bars as well. I tested the light by letting it run for over 2 hours, and it still works fine. Anyhow, I thought I would share my "no cost" solution to my headlight issue. So, if you're like me and have extra headlights laying around, you might be able to try this.
Here are a couple of pictures showing it mounted and working.


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