Magnum's New Line up for 2019

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Just got the catalogue in the mail:

1. Magnum Low Rider - similar to "Cruiser" (previously named CD5), with a lower step through. Top speed 28.

2. Magnum Ranger - somewhat similar frame to previously named Cruiser, but with 4" wide smooth road tires (whitewalls -look like the Ruffian's), and optional 750 watt motor, with an optional 19 Ah (912 watthour) capacity battery. Top speed 28.

3. Magnum Navigator+ - looks a bit similar to the Magnum Peak, but looks like road tires instead of MTB tires, and different handle bars. top speed 28

4. Magnum Navigator - like the above but in a step through, with very low crossover bar - or 'gusset' in the v of the frame. 28 mph. Looks easy to get on and off.

5. Magnum Payload - I guess their first 'cargo ebike'. Optional 750 watt motor, and 19 AH battery.

6. Magnum Premium X - looks like their folding Magnum Premium, but with thicker tires.

All of the above look to have their Das Kit 500 watt motor as standard, with traditional 48 Volt 13 Ah Samsung battery that they've always had. (plus the optional 750 watt motor where specified).

They seem to be retaining the Cruiser, the Peak (in both 27.5 and 29 " tires), Metro+, and Metro, Ui6, Premium (folding), and Classic (folding) models. Along with their scooter Imax S1.

Specs are minimal at this point, so don't ask me what the tire sizes are exactly, display, or anything else, beyond what I have shared. I guess its a 'teaser' until the models get here some time in April, or likely May.


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Thanks for the info, I was wondering when their 2019 lineup would arrive. Still very happy with my Ui6, about 2500 miles and has been perfect.


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The new models are not on their website. Is the low-rider a pedal forward with a low seat?

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I emailed them last year about new lineup and they said april. I emailed them a few months ago abd they told me April again. I sais thats what you told me last year and they sais they didn't accept any of the bikes last year. I was also told some of bikes won't be out until the fall

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Anyone know when 2019 metro and metro+ will be out or on their website. Still shows 2018 models.
The metro and metro plus did not change for 2019, except they did raise prices on them. What you see is what you get. They got away from model years several years back. Everything on their website is current. They did not however release all the new models they talked about for 2019, back in their interbike video in fall of 2018. And everything new, came much later in the year.


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Thanks for your quick reply Mikes ebikes. I am just getting started with ebikes and I guess I am relating it to cars that have a model year each year even though changes can be minor or significant. Also, keep watching for the Magnum Navigator that sounds interesting but no one seems to have any "real" information for me about it.