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Greetings from a new member! I need to take some time aside from my normal life, and am planning a trip down the coast from Maine to Florida this September. I'm looking for a e-assist bike to take me down that path...with the plan of covering 100-150 miles per day or so on a 30-45 journey down the coast. I was originally looking at crazy amphibious vehicles for this journey, but have recently decided to simplify the trip and stick to a land route...and am just kicking off researching an appropriate bike for the 3,000 or so mile journey.


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covering 100-150 miles per day

How much weigh will you be carrying? Ebikes are fairly heavy and aren't anything you want to pedal up grades without battery assist. For you, an appropriately sized battery is probably one of the most important things to consider.

Court J.


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Hi @Johnkey, I moved your thread to "help choosing an ebike" since it seems like that's the advice you're looking for here :)

What's your budget, body weight, height and any other consideration that might impact the advice people provide here. One thought I had is the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent as it's a speed pedelec, priced pretty well and has a modular battery so you could get a second one and swap it on/off if you were carrying a rack with panniers or even a pull-behind trailer? I haven't officially reviewed this bike yet but I've heard great things about it and had good experiences with other Juiced Bikes products:


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Hey JohnKey ! Sounds like a great plan. It's only 1500 miles from Augusta to key west. So are u goi g to take a lot side trips?

I think 100 miles a day average is pretty ambitious. But u can certainly do it. And if it were me an electric bike brings a lot of complication to the trip. Any electrical problems and you're going to be in trouble getting parts and getting it fixed. Plus you have to carry a second battery charger etc etc

I'd buy a high qualty touring road bike and start slow and ride myself into shape. Most everyone can ride 13 mph for 60 miles. And quickly ramp up.


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Hi All-

Yes the plan was to take a meandering route, and do some fishing, camping, site-seeing, and related on the way down. The hope was this an electric bike I could take some routes I wouldn't comfortably manage with a conventional bike. I was budgeting $3k or so for the bike, and spare batteries but that is flexible. I'm 5'7" 165lbs, 37 years of age, and am thinking a pack of 40 lbs or so will accompany me, but the more I ponder that and exactly what it will encompass, the more tempting it is to load more gear on.

While I know electric bikes bring complications, I can always pause the trip or modify mid-stream, and am lucky to have a flexible schedule and the means to do so. I'd prefer to go electric for the comfort it will afford, relative to the amount of gear I am packing.

I'm checking into the Juiced bikes you mentioned @Court appreciate the tip there!


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I am liking the thought of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner 10E. Definitely over budget, but I think I could get a lot of use out of it at Festivals, events, burning man, etc. Drawn to the loading capacity on the rear and the many uses that might enable, as well as the ability to easily swap out the battery for another, and reviews in general.