Arrived yesterday morning. No unboxing pics as the box wouldn't fit in my car. It was about 6' long.

Has about 54kms in it already.

Tackled the three biggest hills in town with ease and all while at half battery.

I find torque doesn't diminish much until into the 2nd last battery bar.

I ended up going about 5kms once it hit the last bar. After the last bar the battery shows empty but still has power for about a km.

I've used mostly assist 7,8,9 in a mix of gears 4,5,6.

Derailleur is out of adjustment by a bit. 6th gear drops the chain off but I'll fix that.

I took my rack and rear light off before I rode it. I had planned to go fenderless too but my white Mariner came with black fenders so it actually becomes almost unnoticeable.

Turn down your display backlighting before your first night ride. It kills your night vision and the front light won't operate without the screen backlit.

I changed the assist setting to 0-9 for my second right and it's nice to have that option.

I'm general the bike is bigger than I was expecting but not in a bad way!
The tires are beefy!!

I was expecting gloss white paint but it's satin. Awesome!

Passed 3 or 4 bikers already.

Lots of fun doing 25-7kmh on grass and dirt.

Going to seal the controller cover plate a bit more as the front tire sprays water right at the bottom bracket area. Slush especially likes that spot and wire enter through a hole in the front.

I've made myself a decent solution for now, I'll take a few pics on my ride later today.

Helmet seems of decent quality.

Power output (watts) is limited by which level assist. You don't get 100% wattage in each level.

Level 1 outputs less than 100 watts max for example.

Definitely a thumbs up so far.


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Awesome we got ours in Black this past Tuesday still playing with things our first ebikes we are 52 and 65 years old so its a bit to get used to we have 41 km and going out again today weather is around freezing here so bundling up people think we are nuts in our small

Can you tell me how we can change the PAS to get 0-9 instead of 1-9? Thanks


To change to 0-9 double press the power button to get into the options menu.

How do I reset the trip meter?


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Nice! Did you see Courts great review on this bike in Cabo San Lucas ? What a place to vacation and cruz the beaches on one of these Volt ebikes. I checked prices from Texas and it's sounds sooo doable.


I did see that.
I think I watched the riding portion about 20 times while mine was in transit :oops:

Riding it is even more fun than the video portrays.


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Power output (watts) is limited by which level assist. You don't get 100% wattage in each level. Level 1 outputs less than 100 watts max for example.
Interesting... my Yukon 750 does not do that. At any PAS level (except 0), my throttle gives me full power until I reach the speed limit for that PAS, then the power drops off.

You can change the "HDP" setting in the advance settings if you want to try it. Check out this thread:

HDP toggles the throttle power/current level to match the PAS level (1 for on) or off (0) for full power independent of PAS level.