Master Key for 2018/2019 batteries?


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Does anyone know of such a thing as a master key for the 2018/2019 batteries? We have 4 batteries and a master key would be nice.

Tars Tarkas

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If a master key exists I would imagine, and hope, that it would be very hard to get. I know I don't want you to have a key to my battery. Maybe look into have your existing locks rekeyed alike. I'm sure Rad won't do it, but maybe a locksmith could.



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Contact this guy via the “Any Questions” link at the bottom of his webpage below.

He advertised such an item at Amazon on his webpage. I kindly asked him to remove it for obvious reasons.

It sounds like what you effectively want here is No Key At All.

If the issue is getting keys and batteries confused, try what I've done: take different shades of nail polish to put circles of different colors on each battery + key (plastic part) pair (well, all but one, no need to do them all). That's worked great for me; the nail polish is effectively permanent.