Maybe no Teo for me

Thanks to all of you who are regularly or occasionally posting on this thread. You inspired me to buy a Teo. I feel a little unarmed though without any emoticons. I was very excited about getting my bike, but now I fear I may never get one. I placed my order and paid with Benoit about a month ago. I explained that the bike would be going to a one man post office in a small community in Oregon where I will be retiring. I currently come here for one week every month. I explained to him that if I knew what the tariff would be, I would leave a check and the bike could be delivered any time. After many emails, he said he could not find out in advance.

Plan B. - If he could get lead time on shipping, I would be here for this week which we would target. DHL told him 3 days. So, he called for pick up last Thur and DHL picked up Friday. Since then, for 5 days, the bike has been sitting in Montreal. Today, since I leave on Friday, I insisted that he find out what is happening with my bike. He said he would check. I changed my flight home to Tuesday of next week to allow a few more days for shipping. Apparently Benoit got frustrated with the whole thing and contacted DHL to return the bike to him and when it gets back he will refund my money.

Very disappointing. I do not want my money, I want my Teo. Alas, at this point it seems I may never get one. You should all consider yourselves very lucky. Again, thanks for the very enlightening and entertaining posts.