MCN Moscow Das Kit L7 code to modify setting

stealth womble

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A cautionary word of warning. re Moscows and rain { heavy soak you to death rain } from work to home it takes around 9 minutes at around 20mph. a few weeks back it was torrential rain . it took 1 minute to totally knock out the battery LED power indicator, { has not recovered, but battery still charges, but would not turn off for several days } controller was covered with a small plastic money bag secured with a hair bobble lol. which i guess saved it. { highly recommend covering that sucker at all times } Display appears to be severely weather proofed.

Now heres the thing, i expected the power to cut out in excessive rainfall, this did not happen. what did happen was the bike took off at 20MPH and topped out at 58MPH { according to my iphone gps } in dry conditions that might have been fun, in torrential rain, it was terrifying, disc breaks are next to useless at this speed, and im just thankful that the roads were relatively clear of traffic, coz i wasnt stopping at no safe distances lol

Bike has since recovered and is back to running as it should. anyone else had this. ??

john peck

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58mph? that's scary alright. I live in the NW rain forest & ride in rain regularly. I've had no such issues thus far,
but I skipped yesterday to avoid an ongoing biblical deluge. I use a plastic baggie with a rubber band on the
display. Moisture addled the display on the CCS, so i hope to avoid it on the moscow. The CCS still has an
accurate charge reading,, but the rest kinda varies like a slot machine eating quarters. The moscow controller housing
gets wet & is presently caked with mud, but I've had no issues there. Then again, it's not been fully submerged yet.:rolleyes: