Menu options for Momas Carbon


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I need help and insight on how to navigate through the menu (secret menu?) of the Momas Carbon. I would like to change the speed display from kph (stock) to mph. Court's pre-prodcution review on the Momas Carbon has a diffferent lcd and button layout than the production version.

A backer on indiegogo was kind enough to provide a video of the producion version

The production version has one button to turn on/off and toggle speed level, a thumb brake, and thumb throttle. The farthest I've gotten was holding down the throttle and power button simultaneously to get a flashing wrench icon. Beyond that... I'm lost. I've tried all the combinations of power button and throttle to try to change the menu. No dice.

There's probably a different versions of the Momas Carbon but I havent found a version with similar button layout to mimic button presses to access the menu.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Ann M.

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@ElectricFuture, have you tried the LCD Default Settings from the original Kickstarter pages? I know it's not super recent but it does show a way to change settings like KM to MPH and others. Found a .pdf Owner's Manual for the scooter, including settings at the home website, This is a nice little scooter and Court has done a review of the product on his alternate site, Hope you're having fun with this very compact scooter! As a long time dealer of electric scooters, it's great to finally see hub motors, lithium batteries and lower weights in the world of scooters.


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@Ann M. , thanks for the links. I plan on testing the scooter out in a couple days when I have time. So far it looks good!

The button layout is different from the one shown on the original Momas. There's no +/- and only 1 physical button + thumb throttles (as far as I can tell) on the Carbon. I have a feeling the + button shown on many other scooters (power level selector) is mapped to that one button which also happens to be the power button (long hold). I personally have not reached out to the owner of Momas yet. Other backers on IGG have and didnt have much luck with getting an answer/solution.