Metallic Vibration

Terry Biedak

New Member
I'm new to this forum. I just bought my Pedego Interceptor 2 about 6 weeks ago and I'm loving it with one exception. Intermittently, but on a regular basis, my Interceptor makes a metallic vibration sound when I throttle forwardfrom a standstill. The sound only lasts an instant but it's annoying and I don't think they're should be a sound like this in a new bike. Is anyone familiar with this type of situation with their bike abd if so, what was causing it?


My wife's comfort cruiser is doing the same thing. It seems excessive and really calls attention to the bike. It will also make the noise when throttling hard from a slow speed up to a high speed. Basically any time it's trying to deliver max torque.

Could there be a way to set it to ramp the power up a little slower or something?


This may or may not be related to your vibration. My 2015 Pedego Interceptor III battery provides longer ride time if I start from dead stops by pedaling with the throttle assist on. I do that and have not experienced the vibration you describe.