Metro 3k miles report


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Bought my Metro in April last year, had crappy wx for 2 months and only got a couple of hundred miles. Summer/Fall much better, easily averaged over 100m/wk of recreational path/road riding, normal ride is 25-40 miles, longest was 55. I'm at 3200+ now. Normally ride PAS 1 or 2, top speed I've gone has been 35mph downhill.

Almost no problems. I had one flat - sidewall puncture. The plastic covering the display and battery switch are peeling up, and I'm having trouble downshifting from 5th to 4th now but that's most likely an adjustment problem and I'll work with my LBS. Can't carry bike up the short, steep stairs to my place so I built a ramp from 3 fence slats and use walk mode, works well. Had minor chain stretch last year, will probably replace it this spring.

I've added Wald baskets, (had to zip tie them on to accommodate the side bulge on the rear rack), a Topeak trunk bag, a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension post, Compact Foldylock (smaller, cheaper than ABUS but very sturdy ), Hexlox for front wheel, saddle and seat post and a Mirrycyle mirror.

I love the bike. It's solid feeling, nimble and a joy to ride. I've only gotten 1 "cheater" comment - responded "arthritic knees, beats the hell out of sitting on the couch", lots of questions and positive feedback.